Project History

Esperas is a partnership between Get Well Cities Company and Seattle's Union Gospel Mission. When it began, the Mission desired to develop an app to help people to help people learn about and direct others to social services. Get Well had a  deep desire the serve vulnerable people by providing them access to the most advanced information tools available and an existing world-class POI database and curation platform.  As they started working together, an idea evolved into an obvious opportunity. The idea was to train recovery program graduates for careers in technology while developing an app.

What became obvious is that an app for the most vulnerable would be best developed by people that had found themselves in the most vulnerable of situations before. Today, there are three recovery program graduates who are the primary drivers of Esperas. They approach the project with a profound sense of ownership. Read about the interns in the About Us section. Below is a brief timeline of their work their work and a description of what's coming.

Data Curation

We’re building a database or points of interest (POI) that are valuable to people in vulnerable situations - shelters, food banks, clinics, etc. We collect quality images for each POI and display their information in format that is clean and helpful to people seeking assistance. Furthermore, we organize POI’s in a manner that is indexable and searchable. Such a database does not exist elsewhere. We’re creating it.


Our team is busy learning the technical skills that go into making an app that meets high quality standards. Shane and Jeremy are preparing for summer intensive Web Development coursework at General Assembly with the Code Academy Classroom. Alaina is preparing for User Experience Design coursework  at General Assembly with Udemy Sketch curriculum.

Minimum Viable Product

People that need help finding services often need a real person to understand their situation and point them in the right direction. A concierge service is a critical component of our upcoming app service. Users will be able to search our database via text or instant message or prompt a human to intervene. This service will be available on our soon and accessible through the chat icon in the lower right hand corner now.

General Assembly Coursework

Alaina starts her studies at General Assembly at the end of June. She will study User Experience Design. Shane and Jeremy start at General Assembly at the beginning of July. They well study Web Development. Their courses are full-time 13 week immersives.

Product Release

The Esperas app is a place for you to find wonderful social service locations and events that can serve your needs or the needs of people you care about; as well as find stories that you keep you aware of critical needs and success stories in your city. Esperas offers people in need the opportunity to quickly search and compare service organizations. The app tells you which organizations offer which services, who they offer them to, and includes important details such as mealtimes and intake instructions. Additionally, Esperas features a human concierge service. Use our app to start a conversation with a real person that can listen to your specific situation and point you to a helpful place.