My thoughts about the day.

Written By: Alaina W.

I am new at this blog stuff, so please bear with me.

Our business meetings aren't just fun and games, usually... I think it's awesome that I have a boss that helps me with work and also things like, communication and everyday life stuff. Or as I call it (In House Counselor). I personally like being able to sit down and have conversations about life. A boss that can connect on a work level and a friend level is a quality that I value. Everyday, I strive to learn things that I didn't know the day before. This helps keep me motivated and gives me confidence.

Today Jeremy, Shane and I met with our Boss Stephen to do some work on Esperas. First, we talked about the website and communication stuff. After we chatted, we each worked on our own personal work projects such as, UX/UI, coding, and data curating. Then we started collaborating and redesigning the new Esperas website that you are currently looking at!

There will be more editing as our team and Esperas continues to grow. Hope you enjoy it! :)