Esperas means hope.

We train formerly homeless people to write code. Those people develop an app that helps the homeless, the hungry, and people in need connect to resources they need to find help and hope.

If you want to join next year's group of interns, then the application deadline is December 1.

If you have a place you think should be included in the Esperas directory, then please send us a message.

If you want to help, your donation will be put to good use helping solve homelessness and hunger on our country.


Need a place to nourish yourself, rest, or recover? We will connect you with places to go for help.


Restless, lost, needing a change? Chat with a live person or send us a text. We're here to help all the time.


Want to make a difference, looking for a place to help in your community? We can assist you! Find places to volunteer.

“A happy and healthy community is not a fairytale.
All you need is a seed.”

-- Anonymous